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"Philosophy is the hacking of God," means that, to the extent that we philosophize or otherwise strive for knowledge, we are prying into the wisdom of God. But this is nothing if not a Christian thought tout court, as it equates knowledge and sin (surely hacking is a villainous activity). The quote is ambiguous, however, and so, in addition to suggesting that philosophers are hacking into God, it may mean that when philosophical activity is taking place, it is God who does the "hacking," that is, the philosophizing -- thereby implying that philosophy is a divine activity of the first order. God Himself is a master-hacker, but a master-hacker of what? Here, one needs to reflect on the rather special concept of monotheistic godhead. As God can get no further than Himself -- as he has already attained absolute supremacy even by his own standards, there's nowhere for him to go. Thus, we seem to come back to our point of departure, and must conclude that philosophy, if undertaken by man, has to do with his divine aspiration albeit contrary to the Original Design. And yet, there is a third possibility, viz. that when we philosophize or otherwise strive for knowledge, it is not we, but God, who thinks within us. Think about it!